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ถุงมือ(PVA,PVC,PE,PU,Kevlar,Dyneema,LCP Film,Poly/Cotton) คืออะไร

ถุงมือ(PVA,PVC,PE,PU,Kevlar,Dyneema,LCP Film,Poly/Cotton) คืออะไร
Natural Rubber Latex

Natural Rubber Latex: Is a natural material (from the Hevea tree) that resists a number of chemicals such as acids, bases, alcohols and diluted aqueous solutions. Natural rubber latex offers fair protection against undiluted ketones and aldehydes The inherent physical properties of natural rubber latex allows the material to be resistant to cuts and punctures while remaining extremely flexible.

In some rare instances products containing natural rubber latex may cause allergic reactions in some people. If latex sensitivity is known or suspected, switching to Nitrile, Neoprene, or PVC is often recommended. Synthetic Rubber Compounds

Synthetic Rubber Compounds:Nitrile offers good protection against bases, oils, many solvents and esters, grease and animal fats.  Nitrile is not recommended for ketones and some organic solvents.  Excellent resistance to snags and punctures, abrasions and cuts.  Neoprene (polychlroprene) is resistant to a broad range of oils, acids, caustics and solvents, but is less resistant to snags, punctures, abrasions and cuts than nitrile or natural rubber.

Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA)

Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA): Very high resistance to aliphatics, aromatics, chlorinated solvents, esters and most ketones.  Also resists snags, punctures, abrasion and cuts but quickly breaks down when exposed to water and light alcohols.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC): Good protection against many acids, caustics, bases and alcohols.  Not recommended for ketones and many other types of solvents.  Good abrasion and cut resistance, but some styles are susceptible to cuts.

Polyethylene (PE)

Polyethylene (PE):  Economical protection from chemicals, oils, fats, punctures and abrasion.  Component materials comply with FDA regulations for food contact.

Polyurethane (PU)

Polyurethane (PU):  Resists bases, acids, alcohols, grease and animal fats.  Not recommended for most types of organic solvents.  Excellent resistance to snags, punctures, abrasions and cuts.  In the form of a foam, it can be a highly effective insulating liner inside some types of supported gloves.

LCP Film

LCP Film:  This polyolefin/polyamide multi-layer film is one of the most chemical resistant materials available and is used in the construction of Barrier gloves.  Highly resistant to a wide range of hazardous materials, but very low resistance to physical damage.

Polyester/Cotton Blends (Poly/Cotton)

Polyester/Cotton Blends (Poly/Cotton):  Used in various combinations as a yarn from which protective products can be woven or knitted.  Can also be coated with various compounds.  In shredded form, poly/cotton is often used as a flock lining material in some types of unsupported gloves.  In the form of felt and similar materials, it may be used as an insulating liner inside some types of supported gloves.


Kevlar:  Five times stronger than steel by weight, this cut resistant aramid fibre is easily formed into yarns that can be woven into a variety of glove and sleeve styles.  Kevlar is known for its strength and heat resistance, but is not recommended for use in abrasive applications. Additionally, laundering Kevlar in bleach is not recommended.  To find out more about Dupont Kevlar click here.


Dyneema:  This  polyethylene fibre is known for its strength and cut resistance.  It is easily formed into yarns that can be woven into a variety of light, medium and heavy duty gloves and sleeves.  Dyneema is a popular choice for the food industry as it can be bleached to kill bacteria.  To find out more about DSM Dyneema  click here.

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GOOGLE the world's media began to work for free

<br>GOOGLE the world's media began to work for free<br><br>Users can wearing a pair of glasses to view the information through the eyes near a computer interface, and can be as long as a nod photographs. [url=http://parkliterary.com/include/Hollister-London.html]cheap clothes for london[/url]  Meanwhile, the Time magazine also published what may be the final version of the Google glasses photo of this headset device displays a user interface for the user in a transparent glass in front of the left eye, and head and eye activity can control the built-in computer specific operation. Google glasses in the ear as well as a handset and speaker, allowing users through voice commands, take pictures, send messages, and the implementation of other features. Time magazine's comment that this device will become part of our daily lives augmented reality Google glasses design also shows that the front camera will be an important part of the overall user experience, can read the user's location For general information, but also the surrounding environment shooting photos and video. Time, the review also noted that consumers should be able to buy Google glasses in the 2014 Principles and Risk<br><br>Micro-projection technology:<br><br>What is Google Glasses? This amazing spectacle is actually mini projector camera sensor combination storage traffic control devices. Includes a miniature projector and a camera, a projector to display the data, the camera used to shoot video and image storage and transmission module for storing the output data, and control equipment by voice, touch, and a small lens on the eye Automatic control of one of three modes engaged in augmented reality technology in Silicon Valley entrepreneurs analyze the projection principle Google glasses. Mini projector first invested on a light reflective screen, and then to the human eye refraction through a convex lens to achieve the so-called level amplification in front of people to form a sufficiently large virtual screen can display simple text messages and each types of data. The entrepreneur because the relevant project has not yet officially launched the glasses, so anonymity. Specifically, when wearing Google glasses, users must right eye looked dim light vision at the top right of the projector to see the data and text, but it may cause the user distraction, potentially dangerous micro-projection equipment field, more or experimental concept product, the technology has not yet truly mature and safe. Brother of micro-projection technology has been introduced for several years, but has failed to effectively commercialized. NEC launched a glasses computer, using Brother's AIRScouter technology is the computer image projected onto the human eye, but the product weight 430 grams, priced as high as $ 5,200, apparently unable to do the popularity of Google has said that the beginning of Google Glasses delivery subscribers, the year after will be officially launched, then the price will fall sharply than $ 1,500 pre-sale price to achieve truly universal. But Google glasses booking confirmation e-mail sent to Sina science and technology point of view, Google is also uncertainty about the prospects for the project ready. Google made it clear that in the message, the project is still in the development stage spectacles, Google does not guarantee timely delivery, if delayed or canceled, Google will not assume any responsibility for the video of them, Timothy Jordan delivered a speech entitled glasses with Google to build new experience speech, detailing how to use Google glasses. In the past we have seen a similar presentation, but this video shows more detail Google glasses during a series of operations, such as viewing interface Google update information in the video's end, Jordan expressed his end users with Google glasses interact optimistic expectations. He did not like the other Google executives claimed as traditional touchscreen will gradually weaken, but pointed out that the current mode of interaction between life events and experiences with our formation isolation. Advantage<br><br>Weight Google glasses only a few ounces, however, it is still built a miniature camera is also equipped with head-mounted display system, the data can be projected onto the user's right eye at the top of the small screen, and the battery can be implanted glasses shelf in about 10 minutes after playing, you will find a long-term potential of Google glasses. The device in multiple aspects of performance anomalies outstanding, it can easily take pictures or video, eliminating the need for a smart phone from his trouser pocket and pulled out of trouble. [url=http://parkliterary.com/include/hollister-uk.html]http://parkliterary.com/include/hollister-uk.html[/url]  When the message appears right in front of me, the feeling is really cool, though some people disoriented. Although I always closed left eye, but did not control the discomfort of the display relies on a frame at the mouse, move the mouse Users need only roll his head slightly. We were told that this mode of operation is easy to learn. Google glasses wearer can wear regular glasses such as walking, writing, handle their daily business when they want to go online, just head Qing Huang wrote about Google on Google:. We share information on electronic glasses The purpose is to communicate with the user to listen to your comments. on Google pages also released a two and a half minutes of video, showing the scene after wearing Project Glass glasses in front. reported that this device will subvert intelligence the mobile phone market and I believe that Google will solve the high cost of this problem, because past experience shows that Google can continue to improve the performance of many of its products, even Google had specially hired several of the father of wearable computers and Steve Mann worked with researchers to help develop Google eyewear related technology, however, Google glasses really missing weapon is the killer app can show the potential of this technology. Google is like a less garish glasses smart phone, so When people walk in the street, do not look down at the hands of the device. idea is good, but it seems that the lack of a more ambitious goal. [9] to change people's lives<br><br>Google glasses pictures are closer to human eyes see things we had to do a lot of things need to use the phone, you can use the Google Glasses Instead, the liberation of our hands, but also for us more than a new digital life Choose Future Google glasses, or other brands such products will be able to do video calls, navigation and other functions, and even future action to control the game inside the scene becomes a reality, thus truly change the world, change people's lives. These are long-term investments.<br>
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